1909 Hudson River Carnival
Hudson River, New York City NY, September 15-18, 1909

Fast Time for Dixie II
Makes Nearly Thirty Miles an Hour in Hudson River Motor Boat Races

The National Carnival
Annual Races of the National Association
Racers Near Drowning
Fast Time for Dixie II
Great Speed for Dixie II
Motorboat Den Wins Poughkeepsie Race

The second day’s motor boat races on the Hudson River in the cup contests of the National motor boat carnival were concluded without accident yesterday over the usual courses off the New York Motor Boat Club, foot of West 147th Street. Dixie II, the international cup holder, and in charge of Capt. Bartley Pearce, found no rival in the high-speed class. She covered the thirty-mile course in two minutes over one hour, Making better time than on the previous day. The Elco-Craig, her closest competitor on the previous day, was taken to Bayonne for repairs. A thorough examination showed that her accident on the first day was due to striking a submerged log, the rudder gear being entirely carried away, and the propeller blades badly bent. H. R. Sutphen hopes to have her in readiness to take part in some of the special races during the Hudson-Fulton Celebration

(Transcribed from the New York Times, Sep. 17, 1909, p. 6.)

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