1909 Hudson River Carnival
Hudson River, New York City NY, September 15-18, 1909

Great Speed for Dixie II
Makes Over 37 Statute Miles an Hour on the Hudson

The National Carnival
Annual Races of the National Association
Racers Near Drowning
Fast Time for Dixie II
Great Speed for Dixie II
Motorboat Den Wins Poughkeepsie Race

Edward J. Schroeder’s fast motor boat Dixie II, the International Cup holder, made one of the finest showings yesterday on the Hudson River that she has ever done since she was brought out last year. Running over the thirty-mile course, a triangular one of ten miles, requiring nine turns for the total distance, Dixie II, steered by Capt. Barclay Pearce, covered the distance in the remarkably short time of 55 minutes and 50 seconds. This is the official time taken by the committee from the Motor Boat Club of America at the start, but as Dixie II was late by over a minute in crossing the line her actual time for running the thirty nautical miles was 54 minutes 38 seconds. That is at the rate of over thirty-one nautical miles an hour, or 37.89 statute miles.

For the second time in the three days’ series races of the National Motor Boat Carnival, held off the New York Motor Boat Club, foot of West 147th Street, Dixie II had no competitor. She won all three of the events, and, therefore, holds the International Cup for another year. The Rochester won again in the high speed class, limited to boats of 33 feet and under, and with a total of 23 points for the three days, wins the Inter-State Trophy. On corrected time she beat the Den yesterday by nearly four minutes. Den was second with 18 points, Vim third with 17, and Hadajr fourth with 8.

F. C. Havens’s cruising yacht Avis, by a third victory in the class for boats of 60 feet and over, captures the Motor Yacht Trophy with 9 points. Joseph Hoadley’s Alabama being second with 5 points. The former Bermuda racer Ilys had a walkover in her class, and Talequah won the cup for open launches.

(Transcribed from the New York Times, Sep. 18, 1909, p. 6.)

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