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Monte Carlo, Monaco, March 31-April 11, 1909

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The Monaco Motor-Boat Meeting [7]
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Monte Carlo, April 9. The race for the 100 kilometres (62 miles) international cup (Coupe des Nations) was won to-day by the Wolseley-Siddeley boat in 1 hour, 35min., 9 3-5sec.

Liselotte was second in 2h. 15min. 34sec., and Fauber-Labor, which did not complete the course, third.

Dixie II gave up in the 14th round, and Panhard-Levassor in the 13th round.

(Transcribed from the Times of London, Apr. 10, 1909, p. 3.)


American Boats Disabled

English Motor Craft Wolseley-Siddeley Wins Cup of Nations

Monte Carlo, April 9.--The English boat Wolseley-Siddeley, owned by the Duke of Westminster, to-day won the race for the Cup of Nations, covering the 100 kilometers, (about 62 miles,) in 1:35:09. The German Liselotte finished second.

The Wolseley-Siddeley was steered by the Duke of Westminster, and beat all world's records for the 100 kilometers. The Panhard-Levassor boat sprang a leak on the fourteenth round and was hurriedly beached.

The time of the Liselotte was 2 hours 15 minutes and 45 seconds.

The American boat Standard did not start, owing to a cylinder having cracked during a trial spin this morning. Dixie II raced well and kept in second place from the start until the thirteenth round of the course was reached. Then her water pump burst, and she was forced to abandon the contest. No third place was given in the race, owing to the fact that none of the competitors except the Wolseley-Siddeley and Liselotte finished within the time allowance.

A tremendous sensation occurred on shore after the race had been finished when an autoboat belonging to the French Senator Gobron was seen some distance out blazing furiously. a fireboat and a number of private launches hurriedly went to the assistance of the autoboat, and arrived just in time to save its occupants, who ere crouching in the stern, from being burned to death.

(Transcribed from the New York Times, Apr. 10, 1909, p. 10. )

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