1940 President's Cup
Potomac River, Washington DC, September 28-29, 1940

Notre Dame Betters 100 [1940]

bullet Notre Dame Captures First Heat For Presidentís Cup On Potomac
bullet President's Cup Sweep Scored By Notre Dame
bullet Notre Dame Wins President's Cup
bullet Notre Dame Betters 100
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During the President's Cup regatta in Washington, D. C., the last of September, mile trial heats for the competing boats were held. During the course of these trials Dan Arena, driver of H. Mendelson's Gold Cup hydroplane, Notre Dame, succeeded in driving her to a new Gold Cup class record of 98.227 m.p.h. Both Mr. Mendelson and Dan Arena were not quite satisfied with this figure and believed the boat could do better than 100 miles. On their return to Detroit, arrangements were made for another official trial which was conducted on October 9. In this a number of runs were made and the final pair were recorded at 35.9 and 35.4 seconds, equivalent to speeds of 100.279 and 101.695, with an average of 100.987 m.p.h. These runs were timed and conducted by officials of the A. P. B. A. and Y. A. A. It is interesting to note that Kendall lubricants were used and did their part to make these speeds possible.

(Reprinted from Motor Boating, November 1940)

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