1940 President's Cup
Potomac River, Washington DC, September 28-29, 1940


bullet Notre Dame Captures First Heat For President’s Cup On Potomac
bullet President's Cup Sweep Scored By Notre Dame
bullet Notre Dame Wins President's Cup
bullet Notre Dame Betters 100
bullet Summaries
bullet Statistics

World's Record Time Trials

Pacific Coast one-design hydroplanesSea Flea,. W. Earle Orem, Cambridge, Md., 30.153 m.p.h.

J Class E racing runabout inboardHi-Ho II, George B. Ward Jr., Wilmington, Del., 35.395 m.p.h.

Midget outboard—Don Whitfield, Upper Montclair. N. J., 40.595 m.p.h.

Gold Cup. superchargedNotre Dame, Daniel Arena, Oakland, Calif., 98.227 m.p.h.

91-Cubic-Inch Hydroplanes

Second heat—Won by Scoundrel, Thomas Chatfield, Danbury, Conn.; Rustle, Byron F. Russell, Long Branch, N. J., second; ,Dragon. Samuel Crooks, Rumson, N. J.. third.

Time, 6:32.5.

Speed, 45.845 m.ph.

Final standingScoundrel. 800 points; Rustle, 600; Dragon, 2225.

135-Cubic-Inch Hydroplanes

Second heat—Won by Eightball III, Henry Davis jr. .Granogue, Del.; Zoom II, Edwin Ritter, Philadelphia. second; Miss Pudd, John Fuller, Washington, third; Baby Pep, Fred Hahn, Philadelphia, fourth.

Final standingEightball. 800: Zoom, 600; Baby Pep, 394; Miss Pudd, 394. (Baby Pep takes third prize on elapsed time.)

Class K Inboard Runabouts

Won by Gen VI, David Gerli, Northport, L. I.; Pep IV John Bramble. Baltimore, second; Sea Sled V, Charles Shuler, Hamilton, Ohio, third; Gar-Veo II, Gardner P. Orme, Washington, fourth.

Time, 5:19

Speed, 56.426 m.p.h. (world record).

John Charles Thomas Trophy

First heat—Won by Viper, Thomas Chatfield, Danbury, Conn.; Chrissie IV, George
Schrafft, Newton. Mass., second; Meadowmere III, C. Frank Ripp, Rockville Centre, L. I., third: Hep-Cat, Gibson Bradfield. Barnesville, Ohio, fourth: Wild Goose III, Thomas Glennon. West Chester, Pa., fifth.

Time, 9:66.1.

Speed, 63.906 m.p.h.

Second heat—Won by Viper; Chrissie, second; Meadowmere, third; Wild Goose. fourth.

Time, 9:14.3.

Speed, 64.001 m.p.h.

Third heat—Won by Viper; Chrissie, secood; Meadowmere, third; Wild Goose, fourth.

Time, 0:16.2.

Speed. 64.700 m.p.h.

Final standing—Viper, 1,200; Chrissie, 900; Meadowmere, 675.

President’s Cup

Second heat—Won by Notre Dame, Dan Arena, Oakland. Calif.; My Sin, Zalmon G. Simmons, Greenwich, Conn., second; Miss Syndicate, Eddie Hudson, Detroit, third; Mercury, Marion Cooper, Louisville, Ky., fourth: Why Worry, William Cantrell, Louisville, fifth.

Winner's time, 13:55.1.

Speed, 64.653 m.p.h.

Fastest laps—Notre Dame, 63.359; My Sin, 65.170: Why Worry, 61.506: Miss Syndicate, 35.747; Mercury, 51.136.

Third heat—Won by Notre Dame; My Sin, second; Miss Syndicate, third.

Time, 13:40.4

Speed, 65.790 m.p.h.

Fastest laps—My Sin, 67.164; Notre Dame, 50.372; Miss Syndicate, 59.250.

Final standing—Notre Dame,. 2.000; My Sin, 900; Miss Syndicate, 673; Mercury. 296; Why Worry, 169.

Average speed for forty-five miles—Notre Dame, 63.266 m.p.h.; My Sin, 61.637; Miss Syndicate, 58.168.

American Speedboat Championship

Won by My Sin, Jack Cooper, Kansas City; Viper, Thomas Chatfield, Danbury, Conn., second; Gen VI, David Gerli, Northport, L. I., third; Monk II, George Brinkerhoff, Washington, fourth; Gar-Veo II Gardner Orme, Washington, fifth.

Time, 9:37.

Speed, 62.390 m.p.h.

(Reprinted from the New York Herald Tribune, September 30, 1940)

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