1949 Harmsworth Trophy
Detroit River, Detroit MI, July 23-August 1, 1949

Miss Canada IV "Perfect"

Harmsworth Bid Raises Problem
Race of the Giants
Such Crust I Sets Record in Harmsworth Trophy Trials on the Detroit River
Dodge Threatens Harmsworth Rift
Miss Canada IV "Perfect"
Such Crust I, U.S. Craft, Captures First Heat in Harmsworth Trophy Race

Skip-A-Long Takes Harmsworth Race

Skip-A-Long Takes Run-Off At Detroit

Skip-A-Long Wins Harmsworth

Speed Boat Skip-A-Long Sinks

Ingersoll, Ont., July 25 [1949] (AP)—Miss Canada IV, only Canadian entry in the Harmsworth Trophy international power boat races on the Detroit River next weekend, is in "perfect" condition and "plenty fast," owner E.A. Wilson said today.

Wilson, whose son Harold will pilot the boat, said the sleek craft went through a fifty-mile run yesterday at Gravenhurst, Ont., and "everything was perfect."

(Associated Press, July 25, 1949)

[For more information on the Canadian team see The Wilsons and the Miss Canadas and Wilson Boat Sets Mark --LF]

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