1950 APBA Gold Cup
Detroit River, Detroit MI, July 22,1950

"Miss Seattle" Will Go East to Compete In Gold Cup Races

bullet "Miss Seattle" Will Go East to Compete In Gold Cup Races
bullet Record Holder in Gold Cup
bullet Qualifying Trials for Gold Cup Speed-Boat Regatta
bullet Slo-Mo-Shun in Smashing, Decisive Victory
bullet Slo-Mo-Shun Wins Gold Cup Regatta
bullet Slo-Mo-Shun IV Wins Gold Cup
bullet Gold Cup Goes West
bullet Statistics

If the West Coast is to play host to the Gold Cup class racers, a Western boat must again take the big races at Detroit. This was the word received at Seattle when it was announced that the unlimited class races would again be held at Detroit in 1950, Stanley S. Sayres, Seattle racing man, revealed.

When R. Stanley Dollar's Skip-A-Long won the Harmsworth Trophy Race in Detroit last year, it was a certainty that the Harmsworth would be held on the West Coast in 1950. Now, with the Skip-A-Long still at the bottom of Lake Tahoe and Dollar unable to enter a boat in the international classic, the site will again be the Detroit River.

"The August date, following so closely upon the Gold Cup race, plus the fact that the preponderance of competing boats will be from the East or Europe, worked against the choice of a Western site," Sayres said.

Seattle's challenger for the Harmsworth, Sayres' Miss Seattle, however, will invade the east this year, if in racing trim, to compete in the Gold Cup Race July 22, the Harmsworth race September 1 and 2, and the Silver Cup Race on Labor Day.

(Reprinted from Pacific Motor Boat, March 1950, p.23)

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