1950 Maple Leaf International Trophy
Lake St. Clair, Windsor, Ontario, July 8, 1950

Maple Leaf Trophy

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My Sweetie began the season by sweeping the Maple Leaf Trophy against a redesigned and erratic Such Crust I. Still the Crust had some credibility for the Gold Cup as it was now driven by the first post war driving superstar Danny Foster who had won his last two Gold Cups. Unfortunately for Detroit, Sweetie star driver Bill Cantrell had been injured while piloting Delphine X in a pre-race test. Cantrell was sore, but was determined to drive in the Gold Cup.

In the first heat Slo-mo-shun IV got off to an early lead and improved it to the point that she lapped My Sweetie. Driver Cantrell had to be lifted from the cockpit and was replaced for the second heat by Lou Fageol.

Sweetie beat Slo-mo IV to the start of heat two and was never headed until the ninth lap when she went dead in the water giving the heat to the Stan Sayres entry. Slo-mo-shun IV cruised in the final heat to take the trophy. Such Crust I could not complete a heat.

However My Sweetie’s fastest lap was 86 m.p.h. to the Slo-mo’s 83 m.p.h. Mitigating to some extent were the facts that Slo-mo IV was not allowed to run a trim tab and had a rather shallow skid fin — not to mention needing some beefing up to run in competition. These factors affected the IV’s performance both on the turns as well as the straightaways.

[David Greene]

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