1950 Maple Leaf International Trophy
Lake St. Clair, Windsor, Ontario, July 8, 1950

Regatta Swept By Dodge Boats

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bullet Regatta Swept by Dodge Boats
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Horace Dodge, owner of five Gold Cup boats, used his two best ships to score a grand slam victory in the Windsor Y.C., annual Maple Leaf Regatta last Saturday, July 8.

With "Wild Bill" Cantrell driving My Sweetie, winner of the 1949 Gold Cup, and Dodge driving Delphine X the Dodge boats captured first and second respectively.

Cantrell won all three heats of the series and Delphine X finished second in two of the three heats.

My Sweetie's most serious threat came from George Shaffer's [sic — Jack Schafer] Such Crust I, a Harmsworth heat winner last year.

At that time Such Crust I conked out on the first lap of the first heat with a split gear box she was leading My Sweetie by 100 yards. Dan Foster was at the wheel.

Schaffer's newest boat Such Crust II took up the battle from there but could do no better than third in the first two 15-mile heats.

Cantrell's winning speeds by heats were 69.772 in the first heat, 61.110 in the second and 73.362 in the final. His fastest lap was 76.271.

My Sweetie’s performance established it as one of the top contenders for the American Harmsworth team but many local speedboat fans are anxious to get a look at the world record holder Slo-mo-shun from Seattle, Washington in the Gold Cup event two weeks hence.

[Reprinted from the Grosse Pointe News, July 13, 1950]

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