1951 APBA Gold Cup
Lake Washington, Seattle WA, August 4, 1951

Sayres Readies Boat for Defense of Gold Cup in Seattle Race

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bullet Sayres Readies Boat for Defense of Gold Cup in Seattle Race
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bullet Cup Racer Called a "Runaway" Boat
bullet Gold Cup Rules Changed
bullet Safety Committee Named
bullet Death at Seattle
bullet Quicksilver (from This is Hydroplaning)
bullet Statistics

Unlimited class boats are being readied to race against Stanley S. Sayres Slo-Mo-Shun IV during the Gold Cup classic at Seattle on August 4. Sunny skies in April saw Sayres' craft speeding over the blue waters of Lake Washington in an early season warm-up.

J. O. Schoenith of Detroit has filed an entry for his new hydroplane, Gale II. This was designed by Dan Arena as a prop rider and is now nearing completion at the designer's boat yard in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. Power is a single Allison aircraft engine. The unlimited will be driven by the owner's son, 21-year old J. Lee Schoenith, who, with his father, campaigned Gale I, the old Notre Dame, in 1950.

Morlan Visel's Hurricane IV from Los Angeles has been completely rebuilt, and the 28-footer will be tested on Lake Mead, Nevada, early in June.

The original challenge making the Gold Cup race possible was tendered by the East Point Yacht Club, Freeport, New York, on behalf of Guy Lombardo's Tempo VI. The Seattle Yacht Club had filed a notice of intent to defend the historic cup last August on behalf of Sayres' boat.

(Reprinted from Pacific Motor Boat, June 1951, p.24)


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