1956 APBA Gold Cup Race
Detroit River, Detroit MI, September 1, 1956

Aid Of Detroit And Seattle Newspapers Sought In Gold Cup Motorboat Dispute

Hydro Hassle in Detroit

Taggart Badly Injured as Speed Boat Overturns
Slo-Mo-Shun IV Wrecked
Miss Pepsi Named Gold Cup Victor
'56 Gold Cup
Gold Cup Still Up In Air
Gold Cup Winner in Doubt
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Aid Of Detroit And Seattle Newspapers Sought In Gold Cup Motorboat Dispute

Boating Body Holds Hearing on Gold Cup

Prize Award Enjoined

Miss Thriftway Reinstated as Gold Cup Winner

Gold Cup Winner Upheld by APBA

Court Backs Award to Miss Thriftway

Detroit, September 7 [1956] (AP) — The Detroit City Council decided today to ask Detroit and Seattle newspapers to investigate the Gold Cup motorboat dispute.

The papers will be asked to select a jury to question witnesses, race official and participants next week, and to view pictures in an effort to determine the winner.

The Seattle Times and Post-Intelligencer and television station KING-TV, all of Seattle, will be asked, along with the Detroit Press to select the committee.

Miss Thriftway, a Seattle boat, first was declared the winner of the Gold Cup race last Saturday. Then a judge reported the boat had destroyed a buoy during the final heat and the craft was disqualified. A Detroit entry, Miss Pepsi, was declared the winner.

Then followed heated disputes, which are still going strong, among drivers, owners, judges and spectators. The race committee subsequently said the winner would not be decided until an investigation — estimated to take sixty days — was completed.

The City Council agreed unanimously to ask the newspapers and the radio-television station to conduct an inquiry on the recommendation of a former Councilman and the current Wayne county auditor, Charles f. Edgecomb.

(Reprinted from the Associated Press, September 7, 1956)

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