1956 APBA Gold Cup Race
Detroit River, Detroit MI, September 1, 1956

Gold Cup Protests Fail
Only Miss Thriftway’s Left as 5 Are Turned Down

Hydro Hassle in Detroit

Taggart Badly Injured as Speed Boat Overturns
Slo-Mo-Shun IV Wrecked
Miss Pepsi Named Gold Cup Victor
'56 Gold Cup
Gold Cup Still Up In Air
Gold Cup Winner in Doubt
Gold Cup Protests Fail

Aid Of Detroit And Seattle Newspapers Sought In Gold Cup Motorboat Dispute

Boating Body Holds Hearing on Gold Cup

Prize Award Enjoined

Miss Thriftway Reinstated as Gold Cup Winner

Gold Cup Winner Upheld by APBA

Court Backs Award to Miss Thriftway

Detroit, Sept. 3 [1956] (UP) — Five of the six protests after Saturday’s Gold cup race were turned down by the race committee today.

The lone protest remaining in the controversial race was that of Willard Rhodes, the owner of the disqualified Miss Thriftway.

Miss Thriftway, one of several Seattle boats in the race, was disqualified on the ground that she had "destroyed" a marker buoy in the final heat.

The Seattle boat, driven by Bill Muncey of Roy Oak, Mich., had been declared the winner over Miss Pepsi, owned by Roy Dossin of Detroit. Race officials ruled Miss Pepsi the victory after Miss Thriftway’s disqualification. Four hours later it was announced the trophy would not be awarded until an investigation had been completed.

Protests filed by Norm Evans, Ted Jones, Joseph Schoenith, George Simon and Horace Dodges were tossed out by Chairman John Carter’s race committee.

(Reprinted from the United Press, September, 3, 1956)

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