1958 APBA Gold Cup
Lake Washington, Seattle, Washington, August 10, 1958

Miss Pay 'n Save Second To Qualify
Bill Stead Pushes Hydro To New Gold Cup Record
By Cliff Harrison

Who's going to Win the Gold Cup?
How to See the Gold Cup
A Yachtsman's Guide to the Seattle Seafair

Miss Pay 'n Save Second To Qualify
Hawaii Kai Captures Gold Cup; Thriftway, Patrol Boat Sink in Crash
Hawaii Kai Wins 51st Gold Cup Race
Hawaii Kai III ... Greatest of Them All

Two boats qualified for the Gold Cup Tuesday on Lake Washington, one of them, Maverick, with a record breaking run of 119.956 miles an hour, the other, Miss Pay 'n Save by the skin of her teeth, 95.632 miles an hour.

Four others tried, Hawaii Kai III twice, only to falter, each after a single lap.

Hawaii Kai had done 119 on her first lap the first time out, 109.09 miles an hour on her second try. Wildroot Charlie had done a conservative 97.3, Thriftway Too a sound 101.89, Miss Spokane a good 103. Bad luck overtook them all.

Wednesday can easily be the most exciting qualifying day in Gold Cup history with as many as a dozen boats making their bids.

The water was perfect when

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Miss Seattle, Miss Sammamish, Miss Bardahl, Wildroot Charlie, Miss U. S. and Miss Supertest out there trying.

Miss Supertest, an interesting boat, took several laps with Bob Hayward at the wheel, looked much different than the last time we saw her slugging around the Detroit River in the Harmsworth. The bad riding qualities seem to be gone. She just could be a tough one in the big race Sunday.

Lyle Parks announced late Tuesday that he'd made a deal with Norman Evans to drive his Miss Sammamish.

Only Adios is missing from the pits. The Tri-Cities-owned craft is expected at any time.

(Reprinted from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, August 6, 1958)

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