1960 Seafair Trophy Race
Lake Washington, Seattle, Washington, August 7-8, 1960

Miss Thriftway Victory Upheld In Seafair Race

Seafair Trophy at Stake August 7
Miss Thriftway Declared Seafair Winner
Miss Thriftway Victory Upheld in Seafair Race
Seafair Trophy Race Summary

(Late in August the Unlimited Racing Commission announced that it had disallowed the protest of George Simon and upheld the referee's action in extending the Seafair contest to a second day. The Commission vote in effect validates Miss Thriftway's victory. ED.)

Unlimited hydroplane racing at Seattle's Seafair Regatta on Lake Washington Aug. 7-8 put three drivers in the hospital and three boats out of commission in seven hours, seven minutes.

Mira Slovak barrel-rolled the Wahoo and himself into retirement on the second turn of heat 1B. Luck had brought him safely through the rough water of the first turn in which he passed three boats by cramping Wahoo varnish-tight against the buoys. In the second turn a sponson dropped into a hole in the water. With a lurch Wahoo caught, then spun, and the whipping action of the roll flung Mira in a swift arc into the racing lanes of the turn. He was unconscious and drowning when pulled from the water by helicopter. Two days later he was out of shock but still under heavy sedation, sore with abdominal injuries and through with racing.

Next on the casualty list was Don Wilson, driver of George Simon's Miss U.S. I. With two wins in previous heats, Miss U.S. I went into the final

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(Reprinted from Yachting, October 1960)

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