1960 Seafair Trophy Race
Lake Washington, Seattle, Washington, August 7-8, 1960

Seafair Trophy at Stake August 7

Seafair Trophy at Stake August 7
Miss Thriftway Declared Seafair Winner
Miss Thriftway Victory Upheld in Seafair Race
Seafair Trophy Race Summary

The Seafair Trophy and a $10,000 purse for unlimited hydroplanes will be at stake Aug. 7 when the Seafair Trophy Race is held in Seattle. The race, which will climax a 10-day water and sports festival, will be held on Seattle's Lake Washington on the same course as the Gold Cup race last year. Qualifying will start Monday, Aug. 1.

To put a little zip into the qualifying speeds: $500 for more than 120 mph; $300 for 115 mph; $250 for 110 mph; $200 for 105 mph; $100 for 95 mph; $40 for 90 mph. If the boat doesn’t break 90 mph it doesn’t qualify. First place winner in the Seafair Trophy race takes a cash prize of $4000; 2nd, $2000; 3rd, $1000; 4th, $500.

(Reprinted from Sea and Pacific Motor Boat, August 1960, p. 42-N)

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