1962 Harrah's Tahoe Championship Regatta
Lake Tahoe, September 29-30, 1962

Miss Bardahl Wins Harrah's Regatta

Harrah Tahoe Regatta
Officially Sanctioned Tahoe Regatta September 29-30
Miss Bardahl Wins Harrah's Regatta

The results of Harrah's Tahoe Championship Regatta for unlimited hydroplanes held Sept. 30 put Miss Bardahl in first place. Boat No. U-40, owned by Ole Bardahl and driven by Ron Musson, she won 869 points in a total elapsed time of 28:48.6 for three heats. Others finishing three heats were $ Bill, U-21, owned by Bill Schuyler, driven by Rex Manchester, 869 points, time, 29:58.8, and Hurricane VI, U-30, Morlan Visel owner and driver, 867 points in 29:32.6.

(Reprinted from Sea and Pacific Motor Boat, December 1962, p.82)

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