1962 Harrah's Tahoe Championship Regatta
Lake Tahoe, September 29-30, 1962

Officially-Sanctioned Tahoe Unlimited Race Sept. 29-30

Harrah Tahoe Regatta
Officially Sanctioned Tahoe Regatta September 29-30
Miss Bardahl Wins Harrah's Regatta

The western unlimited hydroplane racing circuit grows. Now, following closely on the Diamond Cup in Idaho and the granddaddy of them all, the Gold Cup in Seattle in August, will be added Harrah's Tahoe Championship Regatta September 29-30 at Stateline, Nevada.

Such famed entries as Century 21, currently the hottest competitor of the year, the new Miss Bardahl, the Gale boats from Detroit, Such Crust, Seattle Too, Tahoe Miss and others depending on the toll to equipment in the August Gold Cup.

The four-foot-high solid silver trophy, encrusted with sapphires, will be known as the William Harrah Award. This is a perpetual trophy and the winner will receive a replica of this trophy for permanent keeping.

This will be the first unlimited hydroplane race run across two states. Part of the course is in California and the rest is in Nevada. This is under American Power Boat Association sanction and will count for APBA points toward the national championship. This latter factor, once the Gold Cup points are completed, could make this one of the important races of the year, even the settling of the national symbolic championship could depend on it.

Stateline is 55 highway miles from Reno. There are approximately 3000 rooms in the area. There is around 6,000 feet of prime, unobstructed shoreline area near the course from which to watch the race. Qualifying begins Sept. 24. The heats are on the 29th and the finale on Sept. 30.

Harrah's own entry, which is under the wing of famous Bill Stead, is a completely rebuilt Maverick which is the original Waggoner entry, Stead-driven, which captured the Gold Cup a few years ago. Tahoe Miss is driven by another top name, Russ Schleeh, another Gold Cup winner.

(Reprinted from Pacific Motor Boat, September 1962, p.74)

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