1969 Seafair Trophy Race
Lake Washington, Seattle, Washington, August 3, 1969

Hydro Czar Raps One-Day Trials

bullet Atlas Starts Seafair Tests With 'POW!'
bullet Miss Budweiser Turns Lap at 117.674 m.p.h.
bullet Wanderer Flips; Driver Hospitalized
bullet Hydro Czar Raps One Day Trials
bullet Hydros vs. Yanks
bullet Chenoweth Could Take Title With Win in Today's Race
bullet Hydro Fans Due for 'Sneak Preview' Today
bullet Kasper 'Pitched' Into Hospital
bullet Bud Wins Grabs National Point Lead
bullet Sterett, Once Retired, Now Title-Bound
bullet Winner by 3 Miles
bullet Miss Budweiser Wins Seafair
bullet Fred Farley Remembers The Wanderer
bullet Statistics

J. Lee Schoenith, chairman of the Unlimited Racing Commission, is unhappy with the sponsors of the Seafair Centennial Trophy Race.

"This running for a big prize on one day is ridiculous," Schoenith said, referring to yesterday's speed trials which carried a $2,500 purse.

"Most races spread their qualifying out over three days," Schoenith said. "And they put up about $500 each day.

(Reprinted from The Seattle Times August 2, 1969)

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