1974 APBA Gold Cup
Lake Washington, Seattle WA, August 4, 1974

Pay 'N Pak Wins Gold Cup Race

Pay 'n Pak Wins Gold Cup Race

SEATTLE, Aug. 5 (UPI) -- Patience and perfection paid off yesterday for George Henley, who drove Pay 'N Pak to victory in a much-delayed Gold Cup race for unlimited hydroplanes on Lake Washington.

The victory gave Pak a big lead in point standing for this year's national hydroplane championship.

The Miss Budweiser, which stayed close on the Pak's trail all day with Howie Benns at the wheel, came in second. Freddie Alter, driving Pizza Pete, was third. As for Bill Muncey, a five-time Gold Cup champion, the best he could do driving the Atlas Van Lines was fourth.

The Pak won all four of its heats, and Its only serious challenge was the first time out when the Budweiser was leading but spewed oil briefly and was overtaken by the Pak.

Two attempts to run a heat for the five fastest qualifiers in the 14-boat field were stopped when two boats were badly damaged or destroyed. In the first try, the U-95 sank early in the race after its engine exploded, putting a hole in the hull. During the second attempt, the Miss U.S. caught fire and burned badly before the blaze was extinguished. Both drivers, Tom D'Eath and Leif Borgersen of the U-95 escaped injury.

(United Press International, August 5, 1974)

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