1979 Columbia Cup
Columbia River, Tri-Cities WA, July 29, 1979

Race Summary

bullet Muncey Masters Columbia Cup
bullet Did Muncey Cut Corner? Barney's Driver Say 'Yes'
bullet Columbia Cup Summary
bullet Race Summary
bullet Statistics

HEAT 1-AAtlas Van Lines, Bill Muncey, 124.412 m.p.h.; Miss Budweiser, Dean Chenoweth, 119.300; Van’s P-X, Ron Armstrong, 104.274; Tempus, Chuck Hickling, 99867. Dr. Toyota, Bob Maschmedt, DNF. (Budweiser set single lap record for 2˝ mile course on first lap, 129.125. Atlas set heat record with average speed of 124.412).

HEAT 1-BCircus Circus, Steve Reynolds, 121.033; Squire Shop, Chip Hanauer, 117.157; Tri-City Tile and Masonry, Jack Schafer, 105.461; Barney Armstrong’s Machine, Chuck King, 99.206. Candyman, Terry Turner, DNF.

HEAT 2-AAtlas Van Lines 119.174, Miss Budweiser 118.370, Van’s P-X 104.969; Tri-City Tile and Masonry, DNF (oil line break).

HEAT 2-BSquire Shop 104.749; Barney Armstrong’s Machine 101.374, Tempus 93.848, Dr. Toyota 89.731.

FINALAtlas Van Lines 119.585, Squire Shop 113.122, Van’s P-X 102.810, Barney Armstrong’s Machine 93.809, Tempus 86.722, Miss Budweiser DNF. (Atlas’ average speed of 121.168 is fastest on 2˝ mile course in unlimited history).

NATIONAL STANDINGSAtlas Van Lines 7700, Circus Circus 4675, Tri-City Tile and Masonry 4094, Dr. Toyota 3096, Miss Budweiser 2642, Squire Shop 1925, My Gypsy 957, Candyman 694, Van’s P-X 675, Barney Armstrong’s Machine 665.

(Reprinted from The Seattle Times July 30, 1979)

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