1979 Squire Seafair Trophy
Lake Washington, Seattle WA, August 5, 1979

Hydro Handicap
By Craig Smith, Times staff reporter

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Rating the field for today’s Seafair Race:

Atlas Van Lines (Bill Muncey) — Has to be the favorite. Short 2-mile course works to Muncey’s favor because of boat’s quick acceleration out of turns.

Miss Budweiser (Dean Chenoweth) — Could be Chenoweth’s day. Led Muncey in the championship heat last Sunday in Pasco before boat died. Boat keeps getting hotter every week. Chenoweth is savvy vet who has beaten Muncey in earlier years.

Miss Circus Circus (Steve Reynolds) — Capable of winning. Reynolds is a charger and boat’s quota of tough luck may be exhausted by now.

The Squire Shop (Chip Hanauer) — An outside chance at best. Doesn’t rank with Atlas, Bud or Circus at this point, but is superior to rest of field.

Tri-City Tile (U-3) (Jack Schafer, Jr. — Consistent boat, steady driver but lacks speed to win.

Van’s PX (Ron Armstrong) — Ran better than ever last week and finished third. Could make it into final heat.

Barney Armstrong’s Machine (U-96) (Chuck King) — A middle-of-the-field boat.

Dr. Toyota (Bob Maschmedt) — The old U-8 is enjoying new respectability but nonetheless is in over its head.

Tempus (Chuck Hickling) — Appreciate the boat for its workmanship and the fact Hickling, driver-owner-builder, is 65. Unfortunately, it’s not a contender.

Whatcom Lady (Steve Jones) — A plodder. Used to be dependable but couldn’t qualify at Pasco.

Miss Electricraft (Bob Miller) — Completely outclassed.

Miss Ingraham High Class of ‘69 (driver unnamed) — Might make it around the course a couple times to give the grads something to talk about over beer at their reunion.

Miss Burien Hobby Center (Fred Leland) — Not a factor.

Century 21 (Norm Evans) — Qualifying would be considered a miracle.

Evergreen Roofing (Mark Evans) Should hit its fastest speed on the trailer going back to Chelan.

(Reprinted from The Seattle Times, August 5, 1979)

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