U-55 Gale V (3) (USA )

Owner - Gale Electric (Joe Schoenith) (Detroit)
Designer Builder - Les Staudacher
Length - 31ft
Beam - 12ft
Hull - 3 pointer
Detail - curved hull chine, Mobil horse on turtle-deck
Colours - mahogany & lime green
Weight- 6,400
Power - V12 Allison
Drivers – Bill Cantrell, Bud Saile, & Lee Schoenith

B/F - 2nd


Detail - added Mobil horse on nose cowl
Drivers – Bill Cantrell & Bob Schroeder

B/F - 5th


Detail - bazooka, air-scoop foreward of nose cowl
Driver - Bill Cantrell

Winner of Buffalo Cup & St. Clair Cup races


Detail - new hood with raked air scoop
Driver - Bill Cantrell

Winner of Detroit Memorial race


Detail - stripes on deck & hull sides
Driver - Bill Cantrell

B/F - 4th


Detail - triangle replica of 'Millie Volt'
Colours - mahogany, lime green & blue
Drivers –Bill Cantrell, Fred Alter & Roy Duby

B/F - 2nd


Colours - same, 'Lightning Bolt' on tail fin
Drivers - Jerry Schoenith, Bill Cantrell & Rex Manchester

B/F - 3rd


Boat in Gale warehouse


Boat in Seattle Hydro Museum


Boat in Detroit being rebuilt

Owner - David Bartush (Detroit)





Thumbnail of Gale V [3] (4719 bytes)Gale V (III) U-55 [1958-1964]

"This is the third Gale V, owned by Joseph Schoenith of Detroit. Like her name-alikes, she was designed and built by Les Staudacher. The first Gale V was National High Point champion in 1954 and in 1955 won the Gold Cup. The second Gale V, built in 1956, was scrapped in 1957. The third Gale V was built in 1958. She races out of the Detroit Yacht Club, and her colors are mahogany, lime green and royal blue. She is powered by an Allison engine."

(Reprinted from This is Hydroplaning by Paul Lowney [1959])

galev2_thumbnail.jpg (2948 bytes)Gale V skids through a turn.

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