1906 APBA Gold Cup
Chippewa Bay, Thousand Islands, NY,  Aug. 20-23, 1906

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The controversy concerning the Gold Challenge Cup which has not been awarded to the boat winning this season's races, owing to a protest concerning Chip's engine will probably be settled this week. As stated in a previous issue, the Regatta Committee, who were in charge of the races at Chippewa Bay last month, were unable to come to a decision and referred the matter to the Executive Committee of the American Power Boat Association, for decision and award. The Executive Committee, after a lengthy meeting, decided to notify the chairman of the Regatta Committee, Mr. Horace Avery, of Detroit, Mich., that in their opinion the protest of Sparrow, against the rating of the engine of Chip II, was not sustained, with instructions to declare Chip II winner of the Gold Challenge Cup and award her the trophy. The members of the Regatta Committee being scattered about the country, it will probably take some time to get them together; and, as the Executive Committee did not actually award the Cup, the Regatta Committee are yet to be heard from.

According to one of the members of the Executive Committee, the engine of Chip II is within the spirit and letter of the rules, and the rating of same, by the rules, is correct. This being so, there will no doubt be some radical changes in the calculation of horse power in next year's rules.

(Transcribed from Power Boat News, Sep. 15, 1906, p. 530. )

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