1906 APBA Gold Cup
Chippewa Bay, Thousand Islands, NY,  Aug. 20-23, 1906

Chip May Lose Gold Cup May Lose Gold Cup

Said to be Improperly Rated and Liable to Disqualification

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Chip May Lose Gold Cup
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The Gold Challenge Cup of the American Power Boat Association may not go to Chip II, Jonathan Wainwright's power boat that successfully defended the trophy in the races at Alexandria Bay. The protest filed against her has been sustained and the matter referred to the Executive Committee of the association for action. The second boat in the race, Charles J. Swain's Sparrow, is also similarly affected, and if the association officials uphold the action the gold cup will pass to the third boat, Jewel, entered by the Thousand Islands Club.

It is claimed the engines of the Chip are two cycle type and that their indicated horse power is 81 horse instead of 16, as recited in her measurement certificate. Sparrow, it is charged, is built to beat the rule, and has a bulging midship section in violation of Rule 8.

The Executive Committee of the Power Boat Association will have to take final action on the matter.

(Transcribed from the New York Times, Aug. 25, 1906, p. 5. )

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