1906 Seattle Mid-Winter Regatta
Lake Washington, Seattle, Washington, January 1, 1906

Power Boat Race At Seattle

Power Boats to Race Tomorrow
Tilacum Wins Big Motor Race

Tilacum Queen of Lake

Powerboat Race at Seattle

Tilacum All Ready for Today's Contest

Tilacum Again Beats the Union

Several speedy power boats tries conclusions in a mid-winter regatta over a 30-mile course on Lake Washington in Seattle, Wash., on Jan. 1st, making good time, but not quite coming up to expectations on account of the choppy conditions of the lake. The principal event was between Tilacum, of Tacoma, Siwash and Union. Tilacum demonstrated her superiority over her old rival, Union. The race was started at 3:08:50, after one abortive attempt. Siwash had a good start and kept up well for 200 yards, but dropped out, owing to trouble with the engine. Tilacum went over the finish line exactly at 4:21:05, while Union's time as given by the timekeepers was 4:22:07. W. H. Seaborn's Mabel S., a 31-footer, won the 2-mile and return race for 26 to 30 footers from Juanita by 32 seconds. The closest race was between J. F. Thorne's Idlewild, which covered the 3-mile course in 21:13, winning from Dorothy by 1-5 sec. C. R. Adams' 34-footer May, won easily from 31-ft. Marian, owned by F. A. and F. H. Churchill, in 4 min., 50 sec.

(Transcribed from Power Boat News, Jan. 27, 1906, p. 842. )

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