1906 Seattle Mid-Winter Regatta
Lake Washington, Seattle, Washington, January 1, 1906

Tilacum All Ready For Today's Contest

She Will This Afternoon Meet Union, Siwash and Windsplitter

Power Boats to Race Tomorrow
Tilacum Wins Big Motor Race

Tilacum Queen of Lake

Powerboat Race at Seattle

Tilacum All Ready for Today's Contest

Tilacum Again Beats the Union

The big feature at the mid-winter regatta being held on Lake Washington this afternoon is the special auto race, in which four of the fastest motor boats on the coast have entered. The launches are the Windsplitter, Siwash and Union of Seattle, and the Tilacum of Tacoma.

The Tilacum was taken to Seattle and placed on the lake. Her owner, the Puget Sound Iron & Steel works, is confident of victory. Besides a large number of the company employees, many from here at the race, expecting to see the Tilacum show her heels to all rivals.

The Tilacum has beaten the Union, and as the Puget Sound Iron & Steel works built the Siwash and knows what she can do, the Windsplitter is the only launch in the race that is an unknown number. If her name signifies anything, she is a speedy craft.

The Windsplitter is of the same length as the Tilacum, but her breadth is only four feet, while the Tilacum's is 5.6 feet. The horse-power of the Windsplitter is given at between 30 and 35, one-half that of the Tilacum. The engines of the Tilacum are more powerful than those of the other boats.

The regatta is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m.. There will be a number of races pulled off before the special event in which the Tilacum is entered, takes place.

(Transcribed from the Tacoma Daily News, Jan. 1, 1906, p. 8. )

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