1907 Monaco Regatta
Monte Carlo, Monaco, April 1-16, 1907

The Monaco Motor-Boat Meeting
Monte Carlo, April 7

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Actual racing in the fourth annual motor-boat meeting at Monaco began to-day with two events over a 50-kilometre course, the first for cruisers up to 6 metres 50 and a cylinder volume of 2 litres 500, and the second for racers up to 8 metres. There is no limitation of the cylinder volume in the racing section. A splendid entry had been received for the cruiser race, and the British interest centred in Mr. Miall Green's Takumono, which is a Smith boat with Blake engines. The first three boats home, however, were all French, and it is significant of the improvements which have taken place in motor-boat design and construction that all those three beat the time made by the Mendelssohn in winning last year. The time then was 2h. 1min. 3 sec., a speed of nearly 25 kilometres an hour, but to-day Capoulon III finished first in 1h. 35min. 55sec., a speed of rather more than 31 kilometres an hour. The first prize was 3,000f., the second 1,200f., and the third 1,000f. There were 21 starters, and the result was as follows:

  Owners Motor Hull Time
Capoulon III MM. Russel, Eyneard, and Boissier Mutel Despujols 1:35:55
Nautilus-Mutel MM. Deschamps-Blondeau Mutel Deschamps-Blondeau 1:36:11
Gamine MM. Borelly and Sebille Peugeot-Tony Huber Borelly & Sebille 1:39:28

In the racing section last year's winning time was again easily beaten. In 1906 Antoinette VI covered the 50 kilometres in 1h. 9min. 22sec., and to-day the first two boats finished under the hour, while the third was only a little over. There were six starters--viz., La Rapiere II, Itala, Fiat XV, Anadyomede, Sea-Sick, and Mouvette. The first prize was 5,000f., the second 2,500f., and the third 1,000f. La Rapiere II proved successful at a speed of nearly 50 kilometres an hour. Result:--

  Owners Motor Hull Time
La Rapiere II MM. Tellier fils et Gerard Panhard et Levassor Tellier et fils 55:55
Fiat XV Societe F.I.A.T. Fiat Caroni di Streza 57:36
Sea-Sick Baron de Caters Itala Tellier fils et Gerard 1:01:50

(Transcribed from the London Times, April 8, 1907, p. 9.)

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