1948 APBA Gold Cup
Detroit River, Detroit MI, August 28, 1948

Italian Boat Lacks Oil For Cup Tune-Up

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DETROIT, Aug. 25 The speedboat Sant' Ambrogio, Italian challenger for the Gold Cup, missed her first test in American waters today because of a scarcity of lubricating oil.

Achille Castoldi, who will pilot the craft in the speedboat classic here Saturday, was set t take it around the three-mile Gold Cup course in the Detroit River when the lack of the required type of oil was discovered.

Castoldi said the 2,000-horsepower Alfa Romeo engine requires a certain type of castor oil not available at the usual local sources. He said he hoped to obtain it from a Canadian supplier- in time to get his boat into the water tomorrow.

On the basis of its record in Europe and the reputation its pilot, however, most racing experts say the Italian challenge has good a chance as any of the boats entered to win the historic trophy.

Should Castoldi win, he will have to defend the trophy here next year, because he will race the Sant' Ambrogio under the colors of the Detroit Yacht Club.

The entry list for the Gold Cup race totals twenty-nine boats, but few speedboat experts believe that more than six will be in he running after the first thirty-mile heat early Saturday afternoon Among those regarded as most likely to start are such boats as as Peps, Such Crust and Miss Great. Lakes, all of Detroit; Guy Lobardo's Tempo VI; Ernie Wilson's Miss Canada III of Ingersoll, Ont.; R. Stanley Dollar's Skipalong of San Francisco and the Italian challenger.

Many of the others, distinctly out of their class in Gold Cup competition, probably will be withdrawn before race time if most of the larger craft start.

(Reprinted from the Associated Press, August 25, 1948))

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