1948 APBA Gold Cup
Detroit River, Detroit MI, August 28, 1948

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Even as this is being written, seven long weeks before the August 28th running of the Gold Cup Race, predictions are flying thick and fast to the effect that the 1948 contest at Detroit will find a record number of starters. This is a possibility, but at any rate, there are probably more completely new craft being prepared for this year's race than at any time since the mid-twenties.

Boats of the Gold Cup category registered with the American Power Boat Assn. add up like this on our form sheet.



[no picture available] G-1 Trudy Owned and driven by Henry Slocum, of Freeport, N.Y. A dozen or so years old and never very fast.
Miss Windsor G-2 Miss Windsor Owned by Lorne Armstrong, of Windsor, Ont., Can. Built for the '46 race but yet to be seen in major competition.
My Sweetie (1), 1948 G-3 My Sweetie Owned by Ed Gregory and Ed Schoenherr, both of Detroit. From the board and shop of John Hacker and with Allison power, she can be a fine boat in competition.
Miss Great Lakes, 1948 G-4 Miss Great Lakes Owned by Al Fallon, of Detroit and driven by Dan Foster. This Dan Arena creation has proven herself fast but inconsistent.
[no picture available] G-7 Miss Cincinnati IV Owned by Cam Fischer, of Cincinnati, Ohio. She seems too small to stand the rough going in heavy traffic.
Miss Canada III G-8 Miss Canada III Owned by E. A. Wilson, of Ingersoll, Ont., Can., and driven by his son Harold. A beautiful, tremendously fast and fine turning job. Unfortunately her enormous crew of gremlins always takes over and louses up her chances.
Dukie G-9 Dukie Owned by Tom and Howard Hughes, of Detroit. A new one powered by one of Gar Wood's old Miller engines.
[no picture available] G-11 Mercury Owned by Oliver Elam, Jr., of Ashland, Ky. Old-age and a small hull will handicap her.
Tempo VI G-13 Tempo VI Owned and driven by Guy Lombardo, of Freeport, N.Y. Plenty of early season racing and good driving make her the favorite to repeat her victories of 1939, 1941 and 1946.
Katy-Did, 1948 G-15 Katy-Did Owned by E. D. Stair, Jr., of Grosse Pointe, Mich.
[no picture available] G-17 Miss Grosse Pointe Owned by Al D'Eath, of Detroit.
SilLydia, deck view, 1948 G-20 Sil-Lydia Owned by Rod Zamotin, of New York. A home-built rig that seems too radical.
[no picture available] G-21 Tiger Cat Owned by Clarence Clark, of Norfolk, V
[no picture available] G-22 MISSterE Owned by G. E. Warren, of Detroit. This strangely designed craft powered with a pair of Gray Fireballs should be interesting even if she is never put in the water.
Skipalong, early 1948 G-25 [Skipalong] Owned by Stanley Dollar, of San Francisco, Cal.
Betty V G-33 Betty V Owned by Mel Crook, of Montclair, N.Y. Something old, something new, something borrowed, somewhat blue.
[no picture available] G-44 Cricket II Owned by Norman Hollenbach, of McHenry, Illinois.
Gray Goose III G-45 Gray Goose III Owned by J. G. Townsend, of Port Arthur, Texas. Years ago, when owned by George Cannon, she did some fast traveling under the impetus of three Lycoming 225 engines.
Lahala G-60 La-Ha-La Owned by Harry Lynn, of Lake Hopatcong, N.J. A new Ventnor hull with Allison power.
Stubby VI G-68 Stubby VI Owned by Edward Davis, of Keansburg, N.J.
[no picture available] G-91 Here's What Owned by Don Robb, of Detroit.
G-99 [Miss Pepsi (1)] G-99 [Miss Pepsi] Owned by Walter, Roy and Russell Dossin, of Detroit. This Allison-powered craft is a product of Clell Perry. If she can approach the success of the Notre Dame hull she resembles, this should be a tough one to beat.
[no picture available] G-100 [name?] Owned by Henry Slocum, of Freeport, N.Y. Henry's in again with another prospect (see G-1).
Hurricane IV 2-G Hurricane IV Owned and driven by Morlan Visel, of Los Angeles, Cal. A featherweight Wickens hull with an Allison engine. She should be the fastest of the crop.
Lion [Bar] Special S-1 Lion [Bar] Special Owned by K. M. Brien, of Detroit. Another strange home-built craft. Although she has never run in the Gold Cup she has been repowered with an Allison.
Such Crust U-1 Such Crust Owned by Jack Schafer, of Detroit. One of the new Ventnors with an Allison. If, as rumored, Dan Arena will do the steering this can be a potent threat.
[no picture available] U-2 High-Barbaree Owned by Elmer Nowicki, of Detroit.
[no picture available] U-5 Triumph II Owned by Bart Boston, of Belleville, N.J.
Astraea II U-9 Astraea II Owned by Cameron Peck, of Evanston, Ill A new Van Patten hull with Packard power. If she's like Van Patten's Miss Canada III, she will be a sweetheart.


(Reprinted from Yachting, August 1948, p.57)

[Note: the photos here were not in the original article and came from a variety of other sources. If you can provide images for any of the boats lacking please let me know. --LF]

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