1948 APBA Gold Cup
Detroit River, Detroit MI, August 28, 1948

Italian Speedboat Here for Gold Cup Race

The Sant' Ambrogio arrives, 1948
The Sant' Ambrogio, owned by Count Achille Castoldi, who will drive her in the event at Detroit on Aug. 28, is unloaded from the steamship Sobieski. On hand to answer questions about the boat was Harry Cappollini, Italian move producer and a friend of Count Castoldi.
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An Italian motor-boat reportedly capable of making more than 100 miles per hour arrived on the liner Sobieski yesterday en route to Detroit for the International Gold Cup race Aug. 28.

The sleek, super-streamlined 4,400-pound craft is the property of Count Achille Castoldi [in some reports the name is spelled "Costoldi" --LF] of Milan, Italy. Newly constructed, the boat never has been raced before but mechanics who accompanied it here predicted it would break all records.

They said the 2,000-horsepower aviation engine was "the most powerful ever assembled in a boat of its type."

It originally was scheduled to start in the National Motorboat Sweepstakes at Red Bank, N.J., Aug. 21-22. But a spokesman for Castoldi said that plan had been abandoned. Instead, the boat will be taken immediately to Detroit for the gold Cup classic.

It also will be entered in the Harwood Trophy race around Manhattan Sept. 12 and in the President's Cup regatta on the Potomac River Sept. 26.

(Reprinted from the New York Times, August 18, 1948)

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