1966 British Columbia Cup
Lake Okanagan, Kelowna, BC, Canada, July 17, 1966

B.C. Cup Hydroplane Race Results

bullet $15,000 Prize for Hydro Races Here in July
bullet Work Crews Hit Snag in Hydroplane Pits
bullet 2.5 Mile Track Hinders Fast Entry Onto Course
bullet Trouble Spots to be Watched
bullet Trying for B.C. Cup
bullet Excitement Building : Kelowna Enters Big League of Racing
bullet Tahoe Miss Leads Boats to Kelowna
bullet Okanagan Marked by Roostertails
bullet Hydroplane Happenings
bullet Allisons and Rolls Royce Share the Spotlight
bullet Owner Rebuilding: A New Miss Budweiser Might Race in Kelowna
bullet Tahoe Miss Wins Cup
bullet Tahoe Miss Wins in Canada
bullet B.C. Cup Hydroplane Race Results

The first Unlimited Hydroplane race in Western Canada and the largest sporting event ever to be held in the Orchard City of Kelowna, competing for The British Columbia Cup, is over. Cup winner and winner of the $4,500 purse was Mira Slovak of Los Angeles at the helm of Tahoe Miss.

Winner of the final heat Sunday was $ Bill, driven by Bill Muncey. Elapsed time of the heat was 9:06:8 with an average speed of 98.756 miles per hour.

Fastest lap of the day was 105.386 miles per hour by $ Bill.

Fastest Heat of the day 99.264 miles per hour also by $ Bill.

In second place was My Gypsy driven by Jim Ranger of Detroit. Elapsed heat time 10:13:8 with an average speed of 87.976 miles per hour.

3rd - Savair's Mist driven by Walt Kade of Detroit. Elapsed time 10:22:8 average speed 86.705 miles per hour

4th - Tahoe Miss driven by Mira Slovak. His elapsed heat time was 11:15:2 and average speed 79.976 miles per hour.

5th - Budweiser, driven by Bill Brow of Tampa, Florida. Elapsed time 11:29:6; average speed 78.306.

6th - Wayfarer's Club Lady, driven by Bob Fendler, Los Angeles. He didn't finish the race.

Wayfarer's Club Lady, Budweiser and Tahoe Miss jumped the gun at the start. However they were placed in the standing because they had to run an extra lap; thus $ Bill, My Gypsy and Savair's Mist moved up to take the first three places.

The above results were final, according to Harry Woods of Spokane, American Power Boat Association Race Co-ordinator. There was no dispute as far as he was concerned between Budweiser and Tahoe Miss for placing in the final heat.

Total points acquired in the 5-heat competition:

Tahoe Miss

Mira Slovak


$ Bill

Bill Muncey



Bill Brow


My Gypsy

Jim Ranger


Savair's Mist

Walt Kade


Wayfarer's Club Lady

Bob Fendler


Kelowna put out the red carpet for the unlimiteds - the Boat Racing Association did everything in its power to make the week a success - maybe the Association tried too hard - but for the first try, most everything had to be played be ear. Everyone was told the influx of visitors would stagger us. This didn't materialize - however every inch of accommodation was 'sold out' and in fact not only in Kelowna but her neighbouring towns and cities to the north and south.

The KBRA was plagued with misfortunes right from the start - few boats in the first day; delays all along the line; the airlines strike in the U.S. - mechanical problems when some boats did arrive and then on Sunday, the final day, a north wind which delayed the heats - the final race starting at 7:45 p.m. but all in all everyone took it in their stride and the boat crews, their drivers and their owners, marvelled at the facilities provided them, and the hospitality shown them.

Lee Schoenith of Detroit, activity chairman of the Unlimited Commission and Vice-President of the APBA said this is the first time they have attended a race and found all facilities ready - but no boats. (He was referring to the first 2 days when few boats were here).

Harry Woods of Spokane, APBA co-ordinator, said the facilities were terrific. All in all the competitors all indicated they'll come back next year if invited.

Sunday night some 150 people gathered at Capri Motor Inn for the awards banquet at which time the various presentations were made and the British Columbia Cup presented to Mira. Slovak.

Banquet Chairman was Roger Cottle, President of the Kelowna Boat Racing Association, and M.C. for the affair was Phil Cole of Madison, Indiana who did an excellent job of commentating at the races over the P.A. system, radio and T.V.

(Reprinted from the Kelowna [BC] Capital News, July 20, 1966, p.26)

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