1966 British Columbia Cup
Lake Okanagan, Kelowna, BC, Canada, July 17, 1966

Races-Regatta: Trouble Spots to Be Watched

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bullet Trouble Spots to be Watched
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Kelowna is preparing to batten down the hatches.

The city doesn't intend to be a wet blanket but beer parlor operators and the RCMP don't want the fun getting out of hand during the British Columbia Cup hydroplane races here July 13—17.

Last year the beer parlor operators were unprepared for the high jinks that went on during the Regatta. But this year the operators are planning tighter controls and they don't anticipate any problems.

The Kelowna RCMP detachment will be assisted during the week by 20 extra men, brought in from other points in the province. Auxiliary police will also lend a hand.

The RCMP will be on regular patrols—special men will not be assigned to the pubs.

"After all," says S/Sgt. G. A. Phillips, "We're not paid to act as bouncers. The pub owners should be able to handle their customers."

Do Just That

The pub operators expect to do just that.

Most are planning to hire "doormen" who will control the number of people in the bars at one time. When capacity is reached, the doors will b€ closed for awhile.

"We don't anticipate trouble this year," T. L. Mooney, manager of the Willow Inn, said today.

"One of the main problems we had last year was that our regular employees were on strike, and the replacements w had were inexperienced in dealing with pub crowds."

The Willow Inn will have a doorman this year and he will give more supervision than a busy waiter can usually provide.

There will be a doorman s the Royal Anne too. J. H. Keegan, manager, expects "a busy trouble-free" week.

Not Out Of Hand

A busy week it will be, S/S~ Phillips agrees.

"I understand there we more people in the bars than were in the grandstand during the Regatta last year," he said wryly.

He doesn't expect things to get out of hand though. Removing parking restrictions and having restaurants stay open later are two plans being discussed for hydroplane week.

The one hour parking limit will make it difficult for visitors to park their cars while watching the races and the ban may be removed, Staff Sgt. Phillips said. The final decision will be up to the city council.

An official at the Capri Motor Hotel refused to say what preparations the hotel is making for the hydroplane races. It would be "poor public relations" to discuss the matter, he said.

Magistrate D, M. White, the man who will deal with any troublemakers, isn't making any guesses about what might happen July 13 to 17.

"We only hope the public uses good judgment and acts properly." says the magistrate.

(Reprinted from the Kelowna Courier, June 30, 1966)

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