1905 Algiers to Toulon Race

Duc Decazes Sighted

PARIS, May 14---A relative of the Duc Decazes is reported to have received late to-night a telephonic message from Toulon stating that the autoboat Quand-Meme has been sighted in tow of the destroyer Arbalete. This report, however, has not been confirmed.

*  *  *

The race of autoboats from Algiers for Toulon started on Sunday, May 7, at 6 A.M.. The F.I.A.T. was the first to arrive at Port Mahon, reaching that port on fifteen hours.

In the first stage of the race the Quand Meme had as an additional convoy, besides the destroyer Arbalete, the steam ship Elleda, and the Duc Decazes was on the steamer.

Soon after the race began, however, all the steamers that had tried to follow it gave up the attempt and returned to Algiers. It appears that the Duke was transferred from the Elleda to the Quand-Meme.

A carrier pigeon service was organized on board the Kleber, and thereby Algiers was kept informed regarding the progress of the race.

(Transcribed from the New York Times, May 15, 1905, p.1. )

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