1905 Algiers to Toulon Race

Duc Decazes Telegram

TOULON, May 15 --- The receipt to-day of a telegram from the Duc Decazes reporting the safety of himself and the crew of his autoboat Quand-Meme and ordering that his yacht Velleda be prepared for a cruise has afforded great relief to the anxious population of Toulon and the rescued competitors in the autoboat race.

Further narratives of participants in that perilous affair show that the dangers through which they passed during the hurricane were even more terrifying that at first reported. Congratulations on the fortunate escape of owners and crews are being offered from all quarters, while banquets are being organized in honor of the racers.

Mme. du Gast in particular is being lionized for her heroic struggle. She is a unique figure as the commander of an autoboat, and her perilous adventure recalls the fact that she was the only woman who steered a motor car in the fatal Paris-Madrid race.

(Transcribed from the New York Times, May 16, 1905. P. 8. )

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