1910 Astoria Regatta
Columbia River, Astoria OR, August 29-31, 1910

Portland Entry Wins Speed Race
Wolff II Takes Second Heat In Free-For-All and Secures $500 Prize
By Beating Competitors Local Boat Becomes Champion of Pacific Coast
Seattle Spirit’s Engine Breaks

bullet Astoria Regatta to be the Big Event
bullet Admiral's Staff Off For Regatta
bullet Regatta Opening Most Auspicious
bullet Portland Entry Wins Speed Race
bullet Greenhorn Wins Handicap Event
bullet Astoria's Great Regatta

ASTORIA, Or., Aug. 30.—(Special)—The Wolff II, of Portland, won the second heat of the free-for-all speed boat race at the regatta here today, making two in succession, thus securing the first prize of $500 and retaining the championship of the Pacific Coast.

The first race of the morning was the second heat for the 26-foot speed boat class and it was called about 9:30 o’clock. There were only two entries, the Happy Heine and the Crow. The Coyote, which was second in yesterday’s race, broke her crank shaft last evening and was disabled. The Happy Heine proved an easy winner, making the 20 miles in 58 minutes and 32 seconds.


A few minutes later what was expected to be the real race of the day was called but the hard luck of the Seattle Spirit again interfered and marred the beauty of the contest. It was the second heat of the free-for-all speed boat race for the championship of the Pacific Coast. Every condition was favorable for a fast run, there was scarcely a breath of wind stirring and the water along the entire course was as smooth as a frozen lake.

The entries today were Wolff II, Pacer, Seattle Spirit, Greenhorn and Happy Heinie. The last two named were given several minutes start, but the Wolff II, Seattle Spirit and Pacer started from the scratch. At the sound of the signal gun the racers appeared to almost leap into the air, and as they sped away the whir of their high-power engines could be heard for blocks, while the flying spray almost shut them from view. Gradually the Wolff and Seattle Spirit drew away from the Pacer, which was apparently having trouble with her engine, and they ran neck and neck until nearly the end of the first lap, when the Spirits ill luck again came into evidence and her engine broke down. If anything she was slightly in the lead at the time.


Within a few seconds, however, she was again under way and by making a mighty spurt was slowly gaining on her antagonist, but on her second lap her engines again went back on her and she was out of the contest. The time for the Wolff on the first lap of 5 miles was 9 minutes and 15 seconds. The Pacer took a spurt in the third and fourth laps and materially cut down the lead of her rival and at the finish was but a few seconds behind. The Happy Heine came in third with the Greenhorn fourth. The time of the several boats for the 20 miles was as follows: Wolff, 40: 05 3-5; Pacver, 40:18; Happy Heine, 56:27.

In the Class B Skipjack sailing race this afternoon there were five entries. It was over a ten-mile course and was won by the Sparrow, with the Fore’n Aft second, and Terrier third.

The dinghy sailing race was won by Butterfly, with the Colt second, the other entries being the Brownie and the Bull Pup.

[Excerpts transcribed from The Morning Oregonian, August 31, 1910, p. 6.]

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