1974 APBA Gold Cup
Lake Washington, Seattle WA, August 4, 1974

Gold Cup Summary

bullet Australian Hydro Heads for N. W. Races
bullet Time Trials Start Tomorrow


Schumacher May Drive Valu-Mart
bullet Pak’s 122.531 M.P.H. Run Tops Field
bullet Remund Qualifies at 119.761 M.P.H.
bullet Freddie Shrugs Off Brushes with Death
bullet Introductions in Order for New Hydro Drivers
bullet Engine Gamble Paid Off
bullet Gold Cup Day at the New Site
bullet Henley, Benns Saved the Day
bullet Pak Scuttles Bud for Gold Cup
bullet Pak Wins as Bud Goes Stale
bullet Pay ‘n Pak Wins It!
bullet The Beautiful People
bullet They Knew it All
bullet Gold Cup Summary
bullet Statistics

Heat 1 A — Kirby Classic, Seattle (Bill Wurster, Seattle), 87.776 m.p.h.; Sunny Jim, Seattle (Tom Martin, Mercer Island), 75.219 m.p.h.; Solo, Melbourne, Australia, (Bob Saniga, Melbourne), Did Not Finish; Mallory Red Ball Express, Seattle (Jerry Bangs, Seattle), DNF; Northwest Tank Service, Miami (Roger D’Eath, Hialeah, Fla), DNF.

Summary — Kirby Classic was first across the line in lane 1, but Northwest Tank Service pulled ahead coming out of first turn. Tank Service conked out going into second (north) turn. Red Ball Express gave the Kirby a chose, but blew its only engine after completing lap 2. Kirby then breezed to win. Solo sputtered through third lap and returned to pits.

Heat 1 B — Atlas Van Lines, Detroit (Bill Muncey, San Diego), 98.271 m.p.h.; Red Man, Owensboro, KY. (Tom Sheehy, Miami), 82.822 m.p.h.; Pizza Pete, Detroit (Fred Alter, Detroit), DNF; Miss Madison, Madison, Incl. (Milner Irvin, Coral Gables, Fla.), Did Not Start.

Summary — Muncey led from start to finish. Pizza Pete was second until stalling near end of lap 4. Got started again, but stalled for good at some spot in lap 5. Red Man stalled twice in north turn, but chugged in for second.

Heat 1 C — Pay ‘n Pak, Seattle (George Henley, Eatonville), 112.056 m.p.h.; Budweiser, Seattle (Howie Berns, Grand Island, N. Y.), 109.845 m.p.h.; Valu-Mart, Miss U. S. and U-95 withdrawn.

Summary — Heat restarted twice. In first start, U-95 sank in 190 feet of water after flywheel flew off one of two turbine engines, puncturing bottom of hull. In first rerun, Miss U. S. blew engine and burned in north turn. In second rerun, Pak and Bud battled side by side for five laps, with Bud on inside and Pak on outside. Henley pulled past Benns on backstretch of final lap to gain slight lead. Bud ran out of nitrous and slowed down in final 1,000 yards. Lincoln Thrift withdrew before race and U-95 was moved into C flight from B flight.

Heat 2A — Northwest Tank Service, 84.546 m.p.h.; Kirby Classic, 81.154 m.p.h.; Sunny Jim, 76.335 m.p.h.; Red Ball Express withdrew; Solo withdrew.

SUMMARY — Northwest Tank Service led from start to finish.

Heat 2B — Atlas Van Lines, 97.420 m.p.h.; Pizza Pete, 96.222 m.p.h.; Miss Madison, 93.441 m.p.h.; Red Man, DNF.

Summary — Atlas led all the way. Red Man jumped gun, but stalled out four times, always in the corners, and did not finish In allotted time.

Heat 2C — Pay ‘n Pak, 107.100 m.p.h.; Budweiser, 104.448 m.p.h.

Summary — Pak took lead when Bud lost power coming out of first turn on lap 1. Benns later said his foot slipped off oil-covered throttle. Pak led by four seconds after lap 1, nine seconds after lap 2 and 12 seconds after lap 3. Breezed to win.

Heat 3A — Miss Madison, 96.100 m.p.h.; Pizza Pete, 81.480 m.p.h.; Red Man, DNF; Northwest Tank Service, DN F.

Summary — Northwest Tank Service and Pizza Pete battled side by side until Tank quit on backstretch of lap 1. Pizza Pete led until stalling in lap 5; restarted but could not catch Madison. Red Man stalled twice.

Heat 3B — Pay ‘n Pak, 97.438 rn. p. h.; Budweiser, 92.783 m.p.h.; Sunny Jim, 73.449 m.p.h.; Kirby Classic, 64.833 m.p.h.; Atlas Van Lines, DNF.

Summary — Heat had to be restarted because of starting-clock malfunction. In rerun, Pak moved quickly to 3-second lead over Bud after 1 lap and had open-water lead by backstretch of lap 2. Atlas conked out (blown engine) In lap 2.

Final heat — Pay ‘n Pak, 102.195 m.p.h.; Budweiser, 99.612 m.p.h.; Pizza Pete, 95.626 m.p.h.; Atlas Van Lines, 87.167 m.p.h.; Kirby Classic, 67.847 m.p.h.; Miss Madison, DNF.

Summary — Pak and Bud battled deck-to-deck for almost two laps, then Bud appeared to back oft when Pak bounced high and the two boats moved dangerously close together. Pak zipped away to open-water lead and won easily.

Purse distribution — Pay ‘n Pak, $11,900; Budweiser, $6,950; Pizza Pete, $4,575; Atlas Van Lines, $4,550 Kirby Classic, $3,275; Miss Madison. 52,250; Red Man, $2,000; Sunny Jim, $1,725; Northwest Tank Service, $1,300; Solo, $500; Mallory Red Ball Express, $425.

Gold Cup Casualty Report

Dropouts during the running of yesterday’s Gold Cup race on Lake Washington, in order, by heats, and reasons for failure to finish:

Pre-race — Lincoln Thrift, withdrew, handling difficulty.

Heat 1A — Miss Northwest Tank Service, main oil line blew off; Mallory Red Ball Express, threw engine rod; Solo, malfunction in cooling system.

Heat 1B — Miss Madison, unable to start; Pizza Pete, struck floating object, damaging right sponson, plus burned piston.

Heat 2B — No dropouts.

Heat 1C — U-95, broken T-wheel caused one of two turbine engines to disintegrate, starting fire and tearing hole in bottom of boat, which sank; Miss U. S., blown engine started oil fire which spread throughout boat; Valu-Mart, secondary runner in right sponson cracked, allowing water into boat, decision made to withdraw before second rerun of Heat 1C.

Heat 2B — Red Man, engine problems prevented boat from finishing heat in required 15-minute minimum.

Heat 2C — No dropouts.

Heat 3A — Solo, unable to start (fuel overload); Northwest Tank, lost blower (supercharger); Red Man, blew engine.

Heat 3B — Atlas Van Lines, blew sparkplug, causing minor fire.

Final — Miss Madison, loose spark-plug vibrated free, driver switched off engine.

(Reprinted from the Seattle Times, August 5, 1974)

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