1974 APBA Gold Cup
Lake Washington, Seattle WA, August 4, 1974

Time Trials Start Tomorrow
15-Boat Field to Make Dash for Gold Cup
By Del Danielson

bullet Australian Hydro Heads for N. W. Races
bullet Time Trials Start Tomorrow


Schumacher May Drive Valu-Mart
bullet Pak’s 122.531 M.P.H. Run Tops Field
bullet Remund Qualifies at 119.761 M.P.H.
bullet Freddie Shrugs Off Brushes with Death
bullet Introductions in Order for New Hydro Drivers
bullet Engine Gamble Paid Off
bullet Gold Cup Day at the New Site
bullet Henley, Benns Saved the Day
bullet Pak Scuttles Bud for Gold Cup
bullet Pak Wins as Bud Goes Stale
bullet Pay ‘n Pak Wins It!
bullet The Beautiful People
bullet They Knew it All
bullet Gold Cup Summary
bullet Statistics

The first unlimited hydroplane to test the new Sand Point course will be lowered into the water shortly after 9 a. m. tomorrow when time trials for the 1974 Gold Cup begin.

Twenty hours of qualifying are scheduled. The course will be open from 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. tomorrow and Friday and from 9 a. m. to 3 p. m. on Saturday.

Sunday’s Gold Cup will begin at noon.

Fifteen boats have registered for the race, setting up a heat schedule of five hydros in each of three flights. Six will run in the winner-take-all final.

The Gold Cup will be more of an endurance test than a sprint.

Because of the energy crisis, it was decided before the season to trim heats from six laps to five (12½ miles) in all races but the Gold Cup. Thus, all previous races have been 37½-mile events.

The Gold Cup races call for three preliminary heats — so Sunday’s race will be a 60-miler.

Boats will be grouped according to qualifying speeds. The five fastest qualifiers will race in the C sections of Heats 1, 2 and 3. The second fastest five will go in the B sections and the slowest five in A sections.

Three from the fast group, two from the middle section and one from. the slower division will start in the final.

The move from Seward Park (Stan Sayres pits) to Sand Point (a fenced-in military base) will allow the race-sponsoring Seafair to collect an admission charge for the first time in 24 years.

Hydro fans wishing to view time trials tomorrow, Friday and Saturday need only a Seafair skipper pin. But parking will cost a buck on those three days.

Unlimiteds Unanimous, a hydro hobby club, again will conduct guided pit tours during the three days of testing and qualifying. Cost - $1, for the general race fund.

The 2½-mile course is enclosed on three sides by the log boom. More than 15,000 feet of log-boom space is available and the log-boom committee is operating out of the Seattle Yacht Club (EA 9-1700).

A closer look at the lineup of 15 boats:

U-1 (Pay ‘n Pak) — Last year’s national champion, has won three of five races this year season and leads the national points standings by 837 points over the second-place Budweiser. Rolls Royce-powered. Owned by Dave Heerensperger, Pay ‘n Pak stores, Kent. Driven by George Henley, 36, Eatonville, Wash. Colors—white, orange and black.

U-2 (Miss U. S.) — A new hull with great potential, but has yet to be a consistent frontrunner. Powered by turbo Allison. Owned by George Simon, U. S. Equipment Co., Detroit. Driven by Tom D’Eath, 30, Detroit. Colors — red and white with stabilizer wing.

U-4 (Kirby Classic) — Hull built years ago as Tahoe Miss, but not used in past 10 years. Powered by Rolls Royce. Owned by Bob Murphy, Murphy Marine, Burien. Driven by Bill Wurster, 50, Seattle. Colors — red, gold and white.

U-6 (Miss Madison) — Community-owned by citizens of Madison, Ind. One of several boats to switch to turbo Allison power this season. Won final heat in Miami season opener and placed third overall. Driven by Milner Irvin, 33, rookie from Coral Gables, Fla. Colors — Yellow and mahogany.

U-12 (Miss Budweiser) — Winner of two races this season. Last year’s Gold Cup winner. Powered by Rolls Owned by Bernie Little, Lakeland, Fla. Driven by Howie Benns, 36, rookie from Grand Island, N. Y. Colors — Red, gold and white.

U-74 (Valu-Mart) — New hull this year, powered by Rolls Royce. Damaged when rudder failed in Miami. Rejoined circuit in Pasco. Owned by Les Rosenberg, Seattle. Driven by Ron Armstrong, 32, rookie from Lakewood, Calif. Colors — Red, white and black.

U-76 (Northwest Tank Service) — Last year’s Notre Dame ran earlier this season as Miss Cott Beverage. Ran in Pasco as U-76. Rolls-powered. Owned by Tom Higgins, Miami. Sponsored by Don Mulivrana, Seattle. Driven by Roger D’Eath, 32, rookie from Hialeah, Fla. Colors White with red stripe.

U-81 (Red Man) — Destroyed in Miami accident. (Skipp Walther, driver, killed). Rebuilt and rejoins fleet for Gold Cup. Another turbo Allison. Owned by Jim McCormick, Owensboro, Ky. Driven by Tom Sheehy, 31, Miami. Colors — Red and white.

U-95 — Only turbine-powered boat in fleet. Showed great potential in several races, this season, yet to win. Will race without tail fin damaged in Pasco accident. Owned by Pam Clapp, Seattle. Driven by Leif Borgersen, 29, Bellevue. Colors — Red, white and blue.

VS-41 (Solo) — Australian entry. Arrived for Pasco race, but withdrew because of hull damage during testing. Rolls-powered. Owned by Stan Jones and Bob Carnie, Melbourne. Driven by Bob Saniga and/or Stan Jones. Colors — Purple, yellow and white.

U-18 (Red Ball Express) — Older hull, ran in recent years as Burien Lady, Smoother Mover and Greenfield Galleries. Rolls-powered. Owned by Bob Murphy, Burien. Driven by Jerry Bangs, 38, rookie from Seattle. Colors — Red, white, mahogany.

U-22 (Sunny Jim) — Older hull, ran last season as Shakey’s Special. Another turbo-Allison power system. Owned by Pete LaRock, Seattle. Driven by Tom Martin, 45, Mercer Island. Colors — Red, white and blue.

U-44 (Pizza Pete) — Former Myr’s Special, ran early in season as Atlas Van Lines back-up boat. Powered by turbo Allison. Owned by Lee Schoenith, Detroit. Sponsored by Pete Utter, Miami and Seattle. Driven by Fred Alter, 47, Detroit. Colors — White with cabbage-red stripes.

U-55 (Lincoln Thrift) — New hull, withdrawn during President’s Cup race because of handling problems. Returned to circuit in Pasco, but hull was damaged by explosion during last-minute test run. Great potential, no results yet. Was first boat to use turbo Allison last year. Owned by Bob Fendler, Phoenix. Driven by Mickey Remund, 37, Phoenix, last year’s national champion in the Pay ‘n Pak. Colors — Yellow, white and blue.

U-71 (Atlas Van Lines) — Won six of seven races and national championship in 1972. Hasn’t won since. Turbo Allison. Nearly destroyed in April test run. Rebuilt and rejoined circuit in Pasco. Owned by Lee Schoenith, Detroit. Driven by Bill Muncey, 45, San Diego, winningest driver ever. Colors — Red, white and blue.

(Reprinted from The Seattle Times, July 31, 1974)

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