1974 APBA Gold Cup
Lake Washington, Seattle WA, August 4, 1974

Pay n Pak Wins It!
Mishaps Mar 74 Gold Cup

bullet Australian Hydro Heads for N. W. Races
bullet Time Trials Start Tomorrow


Schumacher May Drive Valu-Mart
bullet Paks 122.531 M.P.H. Run Tops Field
bullet Remund Qualifies at 119.761 M.P.H.
bullet Freddie Shrugs Off Brushes with Death
bullet Introductions in Order for New Hydro Drivers
bullet Engine Gamble Paid Off
bullet Gold Cup Day at the New Site
bullet Henley, Benns Saved the Day
bullet Pak Scuttles Bud for Gold Cup
bullet Pak Wins as Bud Goes Stale
bullet Pay n Pak Wins It!
bullet The Beautiful People
bullet They Knew it All
bullet Gold Cup Summary
bullet Statistics

Dave Heerensperger received a Gold Cup as a wedding present yesterday. It was something hed always wanted.

George Henley piloted the unlimited hydroplane Pride of Pay n Pak to a perfect Gold Cup victory on Lake Washington yesterday, then handed the golden goblet to Heerensperger, head of the Seattle racing team, who had been married just 24 hours earlier.

Pay n Pak won all four races in which it was entered yesterday, including the winner-take-all finale, which ended in the dusk after eight-and-a-half hours of racing, before an estimated 35,000 spectators who had paid their way into the new Sand Point hydro area.

Accidents contributed greatly to the delay. The turbine-powered U-95 of Seattle sank in 180 feet of water when its engine exploded, and shrapnel punched a hole in the bottom of the experimental unlimited. In a rerun of that same heat an hour later, Miss U.S. of Detroit caught fire when hot metal from a blown engine ignited fuel in the boats bilge. Driver Tom DEath was uninjured, but highly critical of the operators of course-patrol craft, for failing to immediately quench the flames.

(Reprinted from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, August 5, 1974)

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