1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Regatta
Lake Washington, Seattle, WA, July 3-10, 1909

Fast Motor Boat Breaks Propeller
Floating Stick of Wood causes Bad Accident
Wolff II
, of Portland, Wins 60-Mile Endurance Contest in Exposition Regatta

A.-Y.-P. Exposition Speed Boat Regatta

Fast Speed-boats Will Start on the Lake Tomorrow

Motor-boats to Speed Up Today

Wolff II Fast in Speed-boat Race

Captain Spencer Talks About Wonderful Run of Wolff II

Wolff II and Pacer Win Races

Wolff II Again Defeats Pacer

Portland Motor Boat is Sure-Enough Flyer

Thirty-Two-Foot Class Motor Boats Race Today

Wolff II Wins in Final Heat

Wolff II of Portland Again Defeats Pacer

Endurance Motor Boat Race Today

Fast Motor Boat Breaks Propeller

Pacer Breaks Propeller and has to Quit Race

Exposition Races at Seattle

Regatta of the Northwestern International Yacht Racing Association on Puget Sound

Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Speed Boat Regatta

After making a better showing than in any of the previous races, the motor boat Pacer, entered by R. F. Cox, of Portland, and driven by Eddie Roesch, of Seattle, broke every propeller blade in the third lap of the 60-mile contest on Lake Washington yesterday.

The Pacer struck a floating stick of wood and ruined the propeller, putting her completely out of the race. It was on the third lap, off Medina, and the craft was driven with some difficulty to the east shore of the lake and there beached. Eddie Roesch and the others in the crew were drenched with water and the boat narrowly escaped foundering.

Roesch has had a lot of hard luck all through the series of races and the final misfortune capped them all. The Pacer had beaten the Wolff II, of Portland, in a handicap race earlier in the day and in the long-distance contest was going along nicely when the accident happened.

The Wolff II won the 60-mile race and the trophy cup. In this contest the Pacer went across the starting line eight seconds after the gun was fired, the Wolff II 51 seconds later. The official time was as follows:

First ten miles, Pacer, 20:45; Wolff, 20:09.
Second ten miles, Pacer, 19:32 2-5; Wolff, 20:24 2-5.
Third ten miles, Wolff, 19:39
Fourth ten miles, Wolff, 21:27.
Fifth ten miles, Wolff, 20:37 2-5.
Sixth ten miles, Wolff, 20:35 4-5.
Total, 2 hours 2 minutes 43 seconds.

The Pacer lost a minute and a half at the start of the third lap because steam Aquila crossed the bows.

In the 20-mile handicap race, the motor boat Lawana, with a handicap of 5 minutes 22 seconds over the Wolff II, won, with the Pacer, which had a handicap of 1 minute 12 seconds, close behind. In this race the Pacer held its handicap over the Portland boat and had 3-5 of a second to spare.

Frank M. Foulser, secretary of the Pacific International Power Boat Association, says that the Wolff II’s time for the 60-mile race is a new world’s record.

(Transcribed from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, July 11, 909, Sect. II, p. 3.)

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