1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Regatta
Lake Washington, Seattle, WA, July 3-10, 1909

Thirty-Two-Foot Class Motor Boats Race Today
Will Probably Win Event From Spirit and Lawana

A.-Y.-P. Exposition Speed Boat Regatta

Fast Speed-boats Will Start on the Lake Tomorrow

Motor-boats to Speed Up Today

Wolff II Fast in Speed-boat Race

Captain Spencer Talks About Wonderful Run of Wolff II

Wolff II and Pacer Win Races

Wolff II Again Defeats Pacer

Portland Motor Boat is Sure-Enough Flyer

Thirty-Two-Foot Class Motor Boats Race Today

Wolff II Wins in Final Heat

Wolff II of Portland Again Defeats Pacer

Endurance Motor Boat Race Today

Fast Motor Boat Breaks Propeller

Pacer Breaks Propeller and has to Quit Race

Exposition Races at Seattle

Regatta of the Northwestern International Yacht Racing Association on Puget Sound

Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Speed Boat Regatta

The Pacer, Seattle Spirit and Lawana compete today in the last heat of the motor boat races for the 32-foot class boats. This is the only motor boat race scheduled for today, as the Wolff II took first place in the 40-foot class Tuesday and the judges have already awarded first to the boats in the other three classes, as there was only one entry in each race.

The race today promises to be a fast and exciting contest between the three fastest motorboats in the Northwest. The Pacer is favored to win the race, as the craft owned by Robert Cox, of Portland, won first in the first day’s racing, against four competitors, and won rather easily from the Seattle Spirit last Tuesday.

First place is given to the boat making the most points in the three heats, and if the Pacer should lose today, it would nevertheless gain first honors as the Spirit, her nearest rival, did not finish in either of the other two races.

It will rest with the judges whether the race will be run over a 30 or 20-mile course. The boats will start at the exposition wharf, run to Leschi park, thence to Medina, and back, making a triangular course of ten miles. The race will start at 2 o’clock.

(Transcribed from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, July 8, 1909, p. 10.)

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