1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Regatta
Lake Washington, Seattle, WA, July 3-10, 1909

Portland Motor Boat is Sure-Enough Flyer
Wolff II
Proves Too Fast in Thirty-Mile Race for Pacer of Seattle

A.-Y.-P. Exposition Speed Boat Regatta

Fast Speed-boats Will Start on the Lake Tomorrow

Motor-boats to Speed Up Today

Wolff II Fast in Speed-boat Race

Captain Spencer Talks About Wonderful Run of Wolff II

Wolff II and Pacer Win Races

Wolff II Again Defeats Pacer

Portland Motor Boat is Sure-Enough Flyer

Thirty-Two-Foot Class Motor Boats Race Today

Wolff II Wins in Final Heat

Wolff II of Portland Again Defeats Pacer

Endurance Motor Boat Race Today

Fast Motor Boat Breaks Propeller

Pacer Breaks Propeller and has to Quit Race

The Wolff II, of Portland, owned by Capt. E. W. Spencer and Capt. J. W. Wolff of Portland, proved yesterday that she is the fastest craft in the Northwest by defeating the Pacer of Seattle in a thirty-mile run on Lake Washington. The Wolff II won last Saturday and hung up a new record for the distance, making the thirty miles in 56 minutes 25 1-5 seconds. Yesterday the water was rougher and the boats had to buck against the wind, so the Wolff took 1 hour 1 minute and 7 4-5 seconds to negotiate the thirty miles. The Pacer was the only other boat entered and finished 4 minutes 37 2-5 seconds behind the white flyer from Portland.

As the Wolff II has already won two races, the third race billed for tomorrow, will not be run, for the Wolff II has already won the cup.

In the thirty-two-foot class the Pacer defeated the Seattle Spirit. The Wolff II is a forty-foot boat, so was not eligible to enter this race.

First places were awarded yesterday to the Lady Jane Grey in the twenty-six-foot class; the Pockey, in the twenty-two-foot class, and the Ayacahora, in the eighteen-foot class. There were no other entries, so these boats won by default.

A 100-mile race, free-for-all, will conclude the program of the Seattle Motor Boat Association next Saturday.

(Transcribed from the Seattle Daily Times, July 7, 1909, p. 13.)

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