bullet Adios U-10
bullet Arab III
bullet Astraea II G-9
bullet Atlas Van Lines (3) U-19
bullet Atlas Van Lines I U-19
bullet Atlas Van Lines II (1) U-19

Barney Armstrong's Machine (1) U-22

bullet Blue Chip (1) U-80
bullet Breathless U-22
bullet Breathless II U-222

Cary's Hawaii Kai U-8

bullet Coral Reef U-19
bullet $ Bill (1) U-21
bullet Dionysus U-22

Dixie II

bullet Dora My Sweetie U-14
bullet Dr. Toyota (1) U-22
bullet El Lagarto G-18
bullet Fascination (1) U-88
bullet Fascination I (1) U-77
bullet Fascination I (1) U-771
bullet Fascination II U-44
bullet Fascination 2 U-44
bullet Florida Lady
bullet Gale III U-53
bullet Gale IV U-54
bullet Gale V (2) U-55
bullet Gale V (3) U-55
bullet Gale VI (1) U-56
bullet Gale VI (2) U-56
bullet Gale VII U-57
bullet Hawaii Kai U-8 [two-seater]
bullet Hawaii Kai U-9
bullet Hawaii Kai III U-8
bullet Hawaii Kai III U-8 [replica]
bullet Hoosier Boy
bullet Hornet (3) G-31
bullet Hurricane IV 2-G
bullet Hurricane VI U-30
bullet Ingraham Class of '69 U-69
bullet John Francis My Sweetie U-17
bullet Jose Murphy's U-22
bullet KOLroy (1) U-1300
bullet KOLroy Too U-13002
bullet Lil Ol Lake City U-22
bullet Lion Bar Special S-1
bullet Maple Leaf IV
bullet Mariner Too (1) U-99
bullet Maverick (1) U-12
bullet Maverick (2) U-00
bullet Miss B & I (1) U-88
bullet Miss Bardahl (1) U-4
bullet Miss Bardahl (2) U-40
bullet Miss Budweiser (3) U-12
bullet Miss Buffalo U-188
bullet Miss Burien (1) U-4
bullet Miss Canada IV CA-9
bullet Miss Century 21 (1) U-60
bullet Miss Chrysler Crew U-77
bullet Miss DC U-8
bullet Miss Detroit (2) U-5
bullet Miss Detroit (3) U-99
bullet Miss Detroit (4) U-99
bullet Miss Eagle Electric (1) U-25
bullet Miss Exide (2) U-75
bullet Miss Exide (2) U-101.5
bullet Miss Great Lakes 1-G

Miss Island Security Systems (1) U-22


Miss Lapeer (1) U-9

bullet Miss Madison (1) U-6
bullet Miss Moses Lake U-26
bullet Miss Pay'n Save U-47
bullet Miss Pepsi U-99
bullet Miss Question Mark U-7
bullet Miss Rocket U-19
bullet Miss Round Table U-7
bullet Miss Sacramento U-49
bullet Miss Sammamish U-7
bullet Miss San Diego U-19
bullet Miss Seattle (1) U-37
bullet Miss Seattle Too U-47
bullet Miss Skyway U-7
bullet Miss Spokane U-25
bullet Miss Supertest CA-9
bullet Miss Supertest II CA-1
bullet Miss Supertest III CA-3
bullet Miss Thriftway (1) U-60
bullet Miss Thriftway (2) U-60
bullet Miss Thriftway (3) U-60 [1959]
bullet Miss Thriftway (3) U-60 [1963]
bullet Miss Tool Crib U-5
bullet Miss Tri-Cities (1) U-26
bullet Miss U [Miss University District] U-24
bullet Miss United States III U-66
bullet Miss US I (2) U-2
bullet Miss US II U-20
bullet Miss US IV U-36
bullet Miss US 5 (1) U-20
bullet Miss Wahoo U-77
bullet Miss Wahoo U-101
bullet Miss Wayne (2) U-50
bullet Miss Wickman U-11
bullet Muvalong U-30
bullet Nitrogen U-79
bullet Onion II
bullet Precision Marine U-69
bullet Quicksilver G-15 [1951]
bullet Rebel, Suh U-11
bullet Schrader Wood Stoves U-69
bullet Scooter Too U-10
bullet Shakey's Special (1) U-11
bullet Shanty I U-29
bullet Shanty II U-29
bullet Short Circuit (2) U-99
bullet SilLydia G-20
bullet Short Circuit (2) U-99
bullet Slo-Mo-Shun III F-27
bullet Slo-mo-shun IV U-27
bullet Slo-mo-shun V U-37
bullet St Regis U-8
bullet Stubby VI G-66
bullet Such Crust III (2) G-22
bullet Such Crust IV (1) G-7
bullet Such Crust IV (2) U-81, U-70
bullet Such Crust V U-5
bullet Sudden Sunnee U882
bullet Sunnee U-7
bullet Sunny Jim (3) U-22
bullet Swannies Special U-86
bullet Tadpole
bullet Tahoe Miss (2) U-3
bullet Tempest (1) U-4
bullet Tempo Alcoa J-13
bullet Tempo VI G-13
bullet Tempo VII G-13
bullet The Loaner U-91
bullet The Machine (2) U-22
bullet Thriftway Too U-62
bullet Thunderbolt (2) U-18
bullet Tri-Tomic U-10
bullet Trot-A-Long U-5
bullet Wahoo U-101.5

Wayfarer's Club Lady U-19


What-A-Pickle! (2) U-53, U-98

bullet Whiz-ski U-46
bullet Wildroot Charlie U-54
bullet Wolff [1908]
bullet Wolseley-Siddeley [1908]
bullet Yeller Jacket U-81
bullet Zephyr-Fury

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